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Our Mission:

Freedom Kayaks' mission is to provide our customers with 100% independence in the water.

In the past, adaptive kayaking required the paddler to use their legs in some capacity to enter or re-enter the kayak. With Freedom Kayaks' adaptive kayaks, use of your legs is not necessary, so you regain your independence and your freedom!

Our adaptive kayaks give the paddler the option to ask for a hand in re-entering the kayak, but our designs give the paddler the independence to re-enter the kayak without assistance. Whether you are disabled, or have another type of challenge, Freedom Kayaks' adaptive kayaks make entry and re-entry easier and less strenuous. So, you can enjoy kayaking again!

The Journey Matters:

Are you interested in knowing how Freedom Kayaks' EM1 adaptive kayaks came to pass? Read The Journey Matters!

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