Freedom Kayaks

Adaptive Kayaks for People with a Challenge


What Are the Most Important Goals for Freedom Kayaks?
Freedom Kayak’s have several goals -- independence, bridging barriers and education to name a few. But, if asked to just pick one -- it would be Independence. Not just the appearance of independence, but achieving the true meaning of the word. Giving someone the opportunity to “ask for a hand in re-entering”, but “not requiring it”. It will be through education and demonstration that many of the goals of Freedom will be reached. These goals include educating our general public, educational institutions, Doctors, Nurses, Pt’s and RT’s, sports enthusiasts on the unbelievable benefits that kayaking has to offer. Freedom’s intent, through demonstration, is to take out some of the social, mental, and physical barriers that stand between kayaking and the challenged community. We do speak a great deal about the design of Freedom Kayak’s EM1, and someone living with a challenge. But, ask yourself what is a challenge? A challenge may not always be visible. It can be fear, physical condition, age related, or the ‘unknowns’ such as “How am I going to get back in the kayak if I capsize”? These are the real fears, and all may be barriers for some. Freedom’s universal EM1 design and educational platform are designed to help overcome not just the challenges of getting back into the kayak, but also to be able to do it in an independent and dignified manner. Freedom Kayaks are better by design!

Who Conceived the Freedom Kayak EM1 Design?
See The Journey Matters.

What Is Freedom Kayaks Most Proud Of?
Besides putting the latest technology in the structure of Freedom Kayaks designs, we are most proud of the EM1’s ‘hidden’ adaptations. Now that the Freedom Kayak EM1’s have been produced with color and graphics applied, it is still the comments like, ’’I had no idea that it is an adaptive kayak”, that we value the most. Through vision, hard work, the ‘yes we can belief’ and a lot of helping hands, we have designed and developed an adaptive kayak that generations of people (challenged or not) will be able to enjoy.

We have listened to the needs of our customers and simply applied their needs to our designs. We have had numerous people in this quest tell us it would be much easier to move forward in different ways. Some suggest cutting corners, or allowing the adaptations to be visible, and others simply said it could not be done. We just kept moving forward with our vision and accomplished our goals!

Now that the EM1 Freedom Kayaks are complete, we know that we have met our development goals and our customers’ expectations for adaptive kayak design and performance. Next, we look forward to raising our bar in the development of new designs. As our Founder Eric Mueller said, No one likes to stick out like a flamingo in a snow goose convention! If they do in a Freedom Kayak, they can buy me a costume!”