Freedom Kayaks

Adaptive Kayaks for People with a Challenge


Kayaking Safety

Here are a few tips on how to kayak safely.

  • Always wear a life jacket.
  • Be comfortable in the water, out of your boat.
  • Obtain the knowledge, skills and ability necessary for kayaking.
  • Always kayak with a group.
  • Know how to self-rescue.
  • File a float plan, with friends,,family, or the authorities.
  • Bring appropriate safety, rescue, and navigational aids, and more than adequate food, water, and extra protective clothing.
  • Pick an activity level that matches your ability, and progress to more demanding challenges.
  • Monitor your physical and emotional condition, and watch the other members or your group for fatigue, illness, and changes in behavior.
  • Know and follow all local, state and federal laws.
  • Be visible - wear bright colors so others can see you between waves or in the fog.
  • Carry a bright light, flares, and whistle to signal your position.